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The Baja Vacation Adventure Of Your Dreams

Baja travel, Baja vacations in Baja Mexico

Baja Travel - Baja Mexico

Imagine a place with no phones, schedules or crowds and where you're surrounded by everything you need for the perfect adventure getaway. Baja AirVentures is your best choice for enjoying the magic of Baja travel in a secluded setting with the least travel time.

Baja Fast

To maximize your well-being, and to get you to a pristine wilderness setting fast, we only use our private aircraft and professional pilots to transport you to nearby Baja, Mexico. All our Baja vacation trips conveniently begin and end in San Diego, California. Baja Mexico is politically stable, friendly and America's closest southern neighbor.

Baja Vacation - Baja Mexico

Our friendly and capable Baja vacation staff, one-of-kind natural wonders, isolated locations and private Baja travel combine to provide you an outdoor vacation that's fun, relaxing, awe inspiring, and a great value. Your Baja vacation with us includes: ALL air and ground transportation, excellent meals, comfortable accommodations, drinks, and lots of toys for fun!

Baja Mexico Scene

Our Baja vacation wilderness trips offer American comforts while coexisting within the rare and protected natural habitats. We keep our Baja travel groups small on average 8-16; this ensures you get the attention you need. From the moment your baja vacation begins, we take care of everything.

Baja Travel Adventure

Let our experienced pilots fly you direct from San Diego to the remote corners of this incredible Baja Mexico peninsula. Only hours away; Baja Mexico has a beautiful wilderness, tropical clear waters, and abundant natural resources; make for the perfect natural holiday. Experience the "true Baja" with us. You'll be glad you did.

Baja travel, Baja vacations in Baja Mexico

Baja Travel & Vacations in Baja Mexico, what are you waiting for?

"Wow! What an adventure!! One of the best vacations I've ever had"
Steve Wayne, V.P. Sales

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